General Questions

What is BestDoc.app?

With BestDoc, you can access a board-certified doctor by secure online video, phone, or the BestDoc app – anytime, anywhere, 24/7/365. BestDoc is a low-cost, convenient alternative to urgent Care Clinic visits or waiting days to get an appointment with your primary care doctor for non-emergency medical conditions. Our doctors can diagnose your symptoms, prescribe non-narcotic medication (if needed), and send e-prescriptions to your nearest pharmacy.

How do I sign up for BestDoc or activate my account?

You can easily sign up or activate your account by using one of the following methods:

   1. Go online and visit: bestdoc.app

   2. Download our Mobile App, available on the iTunes store and Google Play.

** You will receive an email confirmation upon completion of registration for every member added to the account.

I have a question that isn’t listed here. Can you help me?

Don’t see your question? Don’t worry. WhatsApp us at +506 70767755. We have highly trained health service specialists standing by to take your call.

Compatible browsers and devices

To ensure smooth functioning make sure you are using compatible browsers and devices for uninterrupted care from your health care provider.

BestDoc App for Computers and phones

It is important to understand that the web version of BestDoc supports all the features and the mobile app supports essential features when you are on the move.


Stay connected by signing-in to your health care provider’s portal from the web on your desktop. Just make sure you are using one of these supported browsers:

Note: Currently you can access the health care provider’s patient portal through the web app, but for a smooth experience we recommend you use the web app on the desktop.

Mobile apps

Healthcare Providers

I am a provider, and I need to change my listed hours for video consultations?

BestDoc allows you to set your consultation timing very easily. There are a few basic steps to follow,

   1. Log In at https://telemedicineadmin.bestdoc.app

   2. Click on your name and select “My Account”

      3. Under account settings menu select “My Profile”

        4. Click on “Consultation Service Settings”

           5. Go to the three dots and select "Edit", then configure your listed hours for all your services

Adding Patients

Patients who are present in your list of patients can access all the online healthcare features that you have and make payments for your services. You can access the patients’ health records, keep a constant check on their health tracker data, ensure easy follow-ups through Clinic or Video Consultations, Patient Questions, and Remote Monitoring.

You can constantly engage with them through the above-mentioned consultations and also choose to send them notifications via email or SMS, keeping them aware of any new review notes that were added by you or your team, if a patient question was answered, recent updates, etc.

There are two ways to have patients in your patient list:

Self-sign-ups: Patients who wish to register as a patient in BestDoc can visit our patient portal website, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button, and enter some quick details in a very simple form. Once they submit the form, a patient account will be created for them. The patient will receive an email and SMS notification, asking them to verify their email address or phone number. This will ensure lesser spams and other email address or phone number discrepancies. Then the patient can look-up for you and start interacting, then, the patient file will be on your list.

You can share BestDoc patient portal URL with your patients, in many innovative ways, like displaying the URL at your practice location, printing it on your official letterhead, business cards or prescription pads, etc.

  • You add patients: You or your staff user can manually add patients to your patient list if you have their valid email address or phone number, or both. Just enter the details of the patient, the email address or phone number, date of birth (to verify their age), their gender (optional).

You can also assign the patient to a particular category if you have already created one. This will be helpful to filter out and search for patients. Once the patient has been added successfully, they will receive an email or SMS notification, asking them to define the password.

Updating Medical Records

If you would like to update a test result or lab report for your patient, you can do this by clicking on the patient name. This will display the patient’s Personal Health Records (PHR). Under Medical Records, you will be able to add lab reports or test results for your patient.

Updating Health Trackers

If you have recorded a patient’s vital parameter reading like weight, pulse, temperature, blood pressure or blood sugar readings at your clinic, you can update this under the Health Trackers section, in the Patient’s PHR.

Updating Health Profile

Under the Health Profile of a patient’s PHR, you can add details about their health conditions, medications, allergies, vaccinations, and health history, if they haven’t already updated these details.

Log Consultation

You can add consultation notes and share these with your patient after their consultation. This can include adding prescriptions, goals, payment invoice, future appointment dates and/or details of any remote monitoring plans that you add them to.

Setting Up Frequently Prescribed Medications

BestDoc makes it easy to handle your patient prescriptions. You might find that you often prescribe the same medications to many of your patients with similar health conditions. Rather than having to enter these medication details each time for every prescription, you can now create a Frequently Prescribed Medication list.

This can be done from the Prescriptions section of your Patient Health Record. This takes you to create a new prescription, where you can add Frequently Prescribed Medication.

You can mention the name, strength, and method of intake and save these details so that when you create a new prescription, medication from this list will be readily available to you as an option to select.

Creating Patient Categories

It is possible to categorize patients for better organization. You can define categories based on the patient’s age, gender, health conditions, location, etc. Defining patient categories, helps you manage your patients – allowing you to communicate independently to each group with specific notifications, send information relevant to them or simply allow you to view a filtered list of patients.

You can create patient categories by going to "Patients", "Categories", and select "Create New Category". Once created, you can add patients to suitable categories from the Patients section of your web or BestDoc Providers mobile application. Patient category selection web and mobile view.

Creating Consultation Notes for Patient Encounters

Recalling specifics about each patient’s health condition and treatment is nearly impossible. BestDoc offers a simple solution to this through consultation notes. You can log key details about your patient encounters against each patient’s profile during their visit, which can be referenced at any time. These details are specific to the patient and documented on the patient’s profile.

You can create consultation notes against each patient during consultation through the Consultation Logs section of the patient’s health profile. This allows you to update:

  1. Details of the consultation: This includes the date, appointments details, location and reason for consultation
  2. Review notes: You can update your notes on the patient’s symptoms, possible diagnosis, and treatment advice. This can be either shared with the patient or kept private, only for your reference.
  3. Prescription: Include a prescription for medication to share with your patient
  4. Set appointments for a future date on behalf of your patient
  5. Subscribe a suitable monitoring plan
  6. Generate a bill for the consultation
  7. Set a goal that you would like your patient to achieve, with a suitable deadline.

Log Consultation once completed, you can save this consultation log against the patient’s PHR, which will be visible to both your patient and your self. A consultation summary will also be emailed to the patient with all these details, for their reference.


Is BestDoc appropriate for every medical condition?

No. BestDoc is designed to handle non-emergency medical conditions and can often substitute for a doctor’s office, Urgent Care Clinic, or Emergency Room visit for common conditions like the flu or pink eye. However, it is not intended to replace your primary care doctor or to be used in life-threatening emergencies.

You should not use BestDoc if you are experiencing a medical emergency. In case of a life-threatening emergency, dial 911 immediately.

How much does BestDoc cost?

Getting started is free. If you are receiving BestDoc as part of a group benefit, you may not be required to pay at all. If you are required to pay, you will only be charged after you choose to consult with a doctor and your appointment time and payment information are confirmed. You can cancel your appointment and receive a full refund, provided that you cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment time. We accept most major credit and debit cards on PayPal

I’ve signed up for a video consultation, how do I meet with my doctor?

BestDoc makes it easy to chat or video with your physician. If you signed for a video or clinic consultation, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. Just like this one:

On the appointment day you will receive a reminder via SMS and email. At that moment click on see appointments, will be directed to your patient portal, and will see the scheduled appointment

At the settled hour, click on "start video call". You will be on a video-consultation with your preferred health care provider.

Are all specialties available for BestDoc virtual visits?

Absolutely! All specialties can provide virtual visits and they will let you know if you need an in-person consultation.

Which age groups can be treated through BestDoc virtual visits?

BestDoc virtual visits are available to all age groups, from infants to elderly.

Are there restrictions on what BestDoc online providers can treat?

BestDoc virtual visits are not appropriate in the following scenarios:

• Emergencies in that case you should contact emergency services or dial 911.

• If a virtual visit is not appropriate for your symptoms, you’ll be directed to in-person care.

What are the most common conditions treated by BestDoc providers?

• Allergies

• Bronchitis

• Pink Eye

• Diarrhea

• Ear Infections

• Fever

• Influenza

• Poison Ivy

• Rash

• Sinusitis

• Strep Throat

• Upper Respiratory Infection

• Vomiting

• Among others

Yes, a parent or legal guardian MUST be present during the BestDoc virtual visit for any patient under 18 years of age.

How do I request a virtual visit?

Setting an BestDoc virtual visit is quick and easy.

 1. Sign up at: https://telemedicine.bestdoc.app/secure/registration?lang=en_US.

 2. Follow the two-step email verification process

  3. Login at https://telemedicine.bestdoc.app/secure/login/auth

You can do it also through our iOS and Android mobile app.

Can BestDoc send the record to another physician?

Yes. And also, you can share it just ask the BestDoc provider to send your profile, and you’ll have the option to share a record of your virtual visit on PDF format

Can a BestDoc provider see more than one patient in a single virtual visit?

Unfortunately, no. Each patient needs to have their own profile, complete with their medical history, and visits are made through that profile. If you want to have appointments close together, it is sometimes possible to schedule back-to-back visits with the same BestDoc provider.

Can BestDoc providers prescribe medications?

Yes. BestDoc providers are verified health care professionals and as the legal frame allows can prescribe medications when needed. For patients under 18, a parent or legal guardian must approve of any prescription, whether it’s a new medication or a refill of existing maintenance medication.

Do BestDoc providers take virtual visits after hours?

When selecting the provider, you are going to be able to see time availability and choose between those providers that offer 24/7 on weekdays, weekends, and holidays consultations.

Are my electronic health records kept private?

Yes. Keeping our patients’ information private and secure is our top priority, and all records are completely confidential. We use robust encryption methods to protect the Personal Health Information of all patients in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Do BestDoc providers speak other languages besides English?

Each provider profile will give you available language information.